When it comes to exercise everyone seems to have an opinion on how to do it and when to do it.  There is how much to exercise and what type.  All you have to do is a quick search and you will be drowning in information.  However, the important thing is that you do exercise.  With our way of living, most of us don’t get the exercise that we need. We are sitting at desks all day or standing all day and don’t get the movements that our bodies were built for.  We have made our lives easier but at the cost of our health. Functional Exercise at Murphy Fitness Inc

You don’t have to go to an expensive gym to work out, it can be free in your own home.  And, you don’t have to have expensive workout equipment at home.  Using your own body weight can certainly work.  So, don’t make that an excuse.  If you have time to watch tv, you have time to exercise.  And, you can do it while watching tv.

It works with several muscle groups at one time.

Functional movement training doesn’t just target just one group of muscles, but it works with several groups all at one time.  This allows your training to be more effective for the time that you are doing it.  Functional movement training is about moving and not about the muscle groups.  It is meant to train the body in ways that it was meant to move.

This is not body building but the way the body was meant to move. Some bodybuilding exercises actually shorten and tighten the muscles in ways that are simply not natural.  If your goal is to be physically fit, it is important to train your body as it was meant to be trained. This will not only improve your health, but it will improve your balance and strength.

When you do functional movement exercises you are building the core of your body. These are muscles that lay deep within the body, below where that six-pack should be.  These muscles help keep your back in alignment, thy are used for balance and help with neuromuscular control.  This is the shear foundation of your body.  Neuromuscular control is what tells your body to move in certain ways.  With proper functional movement exercises, you will gain better control of your movements, which helps with the sense of balance as well.

Builds Muscle and Burns Fat

Murphy Fitness Inc movement exerciseUnlike bodybuilding training, functional movement exercises work to build the core muscles and bodybuilding works to build the muscles that are one top.  Balance training helps build the body from the foundation up.  And, it is isn’t hard to do.  You can even do this while watching tv.  This will not only improve your strength but also your flexibility and physical performance.

Just because functional movement exercises doesn’t specify certain muscle groups and isn’t targeting certain areas doesn’t mean that it won’t produce a lean body.  In fact, people that work out using functional movement workouts do burn fat.  If you don’t believe us, just take a look at gymnasts.  They are always using functional movement exercise and rarely have a lot of body fat.

The professionals at Murphy Fitness Inc are experts in all forms of movement exercises.

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