Weight training is thought to be only for bodybuilders or those that are looking to build a muscular physique.  But, in reality, it is one of the best methods against aging.  Weight training is something that we can simply do in a gym or even at home.  However, if you have never done any kind of weight training it is probably best to do it in a gym with a trainer at first.  This will help you learn the proper methods of weight training to ensure you are maximizing the benefits of weight training.  Some things we see as we age are:

  • Decreased energy
  • Weakening of the skeletal systems.
  • Weakening of the muscular systems.
  • Diminished brain functioning
  • Physical appearance changes

These things can be slowed down or even reversed with proper weight lifting and training.

As we age, we lose muscle mass, this increases greatly for those over 65.  This condition is called Sarcopenia and can be reversed with a little training.  This contributes to our weight gain in later years as muscle uses more calories than fat. So, this, in return, will also contribute to our physical changes in more than one way.  This lack of muscle can also make us weak and cause us to fall more easily. These falls with combined skeletal system declines can lead to bone breaking.

Stop the aging process

With the help of weight lifting, you can benefit your body in so many ways and help stop the aging process.  It helps build your muscle but also helps with your bone structure as well.  You put pressure on your muscles and bones which will allow for more blood flow.  This increased blow flow will help your body repair itself and remain strong and healthy.  It also helps with arthritis as it will increase the blood flow to the affected joints and help lubricate the joint.  There are even studies out there that show moderate exercise can help with hip osteoarthritis which can help people avoid hip surgery.

plano fitness training Murphy FitnessThere are continued studies that show that this sort of training will help you with stubborn belly fat as well.  As you increase your muscle mass, you will burn more calories.  This is further studied to find that people that do 20 mins. of aerobic activities compared to the people that do 20 mins. of strength training have the same benefits to the mid-region.  Fighting belly fat is not only important to your overall look and feel but it helps your heart as well.

Weight training helps with skin tone as well.  As you lift you are pumping the muscles full of blood, which is providing them with the nutrients that they need.  These are passed along to the skin cells as well.  This will help with wrinkles and sagging skin issues.

Increased energy

Weight training will help with increased energy as well.  As you lift, your body will release hormones that affect strength and energy levels.  In just a little time you will notice this increase, which will help you to continue your new method of working out.

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