Exercise is one of the greatest healing and recovery agents that we have at our disposal whether or not you have a chronic illness like diabetes.  But in case you are a diabetes patient, exercise with a certified fitness trainer becomes a crucial part of managing the illness as it is the sole factor that will offset your weight and blood sugar all at once to restore balance and health in your body. Read on to learn the specifics on some of the ways in which exercise is particularly good for diabetic persons.Plano Fitness trainer Plano Texas

The list of potential benefits of exercise for the average healthy adult is very long. They are the same benefits for diabetics except in some instances, the exercise will be a life savior being able to do what the body fails to do naturally due to the chronic illness. For instance, exercising has been linked with increased body response to insulin.

Exercise will help keep the weight of the person in check which is recommended for diabetic patients. It also lowers the blood pressure and removes harmful cholesterol from your system in addition to removing triglycerides. Additionally, exercising strengthens muscles and bones while reducing tension and aches in the body.

For the mental benefits, feeling better and in good moods as well as alleviating anxiety is a benefit of exercising. Also knowing that you are doing your best to control the disease and live a healthier life makes one feel better and the exercise more meaningful.

In a study conducted among a group of women living with diabetes, women who spent about four hours at the gym were 40% less likely to develop heart disease than their counterparts abstaining from exercise.

Here are some more reasons to work on an exercise schedule today;

  • Better control of weight
  • Better lower blood pressure control
  • Increased good cholesterol
  • Stronger healthier bones
  • Improved moods
  • Better sleep
  • Stress management

What to do before exercising

Generally speaking, it is better to work out at least two hours or so after a meal since at this time your blood sugar will have risen. Ideally, your blood sugar should be above 100 mg/dL or else you run the risk of hypoglycemia. Again if your blood sugar is above 250 then you should probably abstain from vigorous exercises.

Hire a personal trainer

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