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It is important to keep in good health at any age and we believe this to be true for the middle age generation as well. That is why our personal training program is focused around the 40-70-year-old generation. Yes, at this age, your body is different than it was in it’s 20’s, it requires more care and being more mindful of what you eat. This is something we are happy to discuss with all of our clients, there is no better time to get in great shape than starting today! We are happy to meet you where you are and work with you toward fitness goals. We want to see you in the best shape of your life and understand that it takes patience and training to get there. Let us help you find your new path or continue on your lifestyle goals.

Fitness At Any Age

We believe that at any age you can start personal training and are happy to help you in any way we can. Working with clients that are in the 40-70 age range allows us to understand our clients better and know what makes them tick. This also helps us to focus on what motivates and inspires them. We want to learn about you and understand what it is your trying to achieve and form a plan to get you there. Setting up goals will help you achieve success and having milestones to work toward will offer incentives to keep going. We offer accountability to keep you motivated and on track to reach all your goals.

Fitness Programs To Fit Your Needs

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Every person responds differently to various personalities and that isn’t any different in the fitness world. We are here to motivate you, if you need a drill sergeant style trainer, tell us. Or, if a personal cheerleader helps you we can offer that style as well. We want to see your training goals reached with ease. And, having the right style for your training will make all the difference.

Let Us Help You with Your Personal Training Plano

Fitness training isn’t just about being in the gym, it’s a mindset. You are making a choice to be healthier overall. We can help you with the entire experience and are happy to discuss diet and exercise plans as well as what exercises will help you achieve your goals. Not every person has the same goals, some want to lose weight, some are looking to improve lung functions and heart health and others have a weight gain goal as well. We are here to help with all of that. Working with every person, their personal goals and improving their lifestyle is what we do best. Ask us about our specialized training services today.

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    How exercise and fitness Improves Aging

    There are numerous positive effects from exercise. But, how does exercise and fitness Improve Aging? Being active helps keep the blood pressure lower, helps with joint and bone strength, cardiovascular, stamina, balance, mobility and stress levels. Doing proper exercises is the way to keep your mind young as well as your body. Getting a good blood flow and staying active helps the mind, body, and soul. It also helps with maintaining a good healthy weight and reduces the chances of various diseases.

    There are different levels of exercise as well as different types. Finding something that is good for you and easy on your bones and joints that only make sense. As we age, so do our bodies and the joints are the first to take the hit. This is why we start at your level of fitness, we may start out slow and work your way up to the desired exercise intensity so you don’t get discouraged.

    Exercise to lower illness risks

    Exercise when done properly can help with many illness risks. Things like diabetes from weight can be avoided. And, heart disease is another illness that is improved with exercise. This is because of the increased circulation helps to increase cardiovascular health. Maintaining a healthy stress level can help you improve your mental and physical health. A person that carries a lot of stress will surely have health issues as well as a poor physical appearance. This is because stress wears on the mind, body, and soul to the point of exhaustion. Taking on an exercise routine can help with this.

    Don’t be afraid

    As we age, we like to make excuses as to why we cannot exercise. Things such as being afraid you will hurt yourself or look silly are a couple that comes to mind. These are just imagined fears that can be addressed. After all, you don’t have to sign up for the next triathlon. Having a good exercise routine is different for every person, but it’s benefits are amazing for your heart, brain, balance and coordination and more.

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